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With years of experience in child care, Kids at Heart is fully aware of the anxieties of both children and their parents. Preschool is a new experience and environment for your child, so it is understandable that many parents feel concerned about leaving their son or daughter at a child care center.

Our professional, nurturing staff will make both you and your child feel as comfortable as possible about the quality care and attention offered here. We will make sure that your child recieves only the best possible education and care.


Our teachers use a popular curriculum known as Creative Curriculum. It's based on the philosophy that young children learn best by doing and playing. Creative Curriculum also identifies goals in social, emotional, cognitive and physical development among children.

Using this curriculum, we recognize the balance between teacher-guided and child-directed activities to keep your child active and learning throughout the day. Your child's teacher will also create a portfolio to track the growth and development of your child. As your son or daughter graduates and moves through the educational levels of our center, their portfolio will be passed along to each new teacher.

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